Music and Dance Academy of Florida, Serving Volusia County
Tuesday, November 21, 2017
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Private Music Lessons - Ormond Beach, Florida Private Music Lessons are the best way for anyone to learn how to play an instrument. The one-on-one instruction means that students are given lessons that best suits how they as an individual learn. Private lessons also mean that they are able to learn the type of music they personally are most interested in.

Also with private lessons a teacher can focus 100% of their attention on that one student.
Childrens Dance Lessons - Ormond Beach, Florida Childrens Dance Lessons are a great way for a child to learn how to dance. Students are given easy instructions that best suits their age level and abilities. Childrens lessons teach the types of dance most popular today like Ballet, Tap, and Hip Hop.

Also with childrens dance lessons a teacher can focus on group timing and interaction with the other dancers.
Group Music Classes - Ormond Beach, Florida Group Music Classes give the student an opportunity to interact, play and sing with other musicians, learning from and with each other in small ensemble and group situations. Students are matched according to skill level and to which class or style of music they prefer.

Also with group classes a teacher can focus on techniques required for playing in unison.
Adults Dance Lessons - Ormond Beach, Florida Adults Dance Lessons are a fun-filled way for anyone to learn how to dance. Students are given instruction that best suits their abilities. Adults lessons teach Ballroom/Latin dance to anyone willing to learn.

Also with adults lessons a teacher can focus on the type of dance moves people enjoy most.

4 Things Parents Should Know

4 Things Every Parent Should Know Before Choosing A Dance Studio: If most dance studios seem to have qualified teachers with experience teaching children and a big show at the end of the year, aren’t they all pretty much the same?

5 Ways To Get The Most You Can

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Music Lessons: Practical tips that have been discovered from years of teaching experiences and guidelines that will help you to have a successful, rewarding experience learning your instrument.

6 Great Reasons To Choose Us

6 Great Reasons Why You Should Choose Us: Are you trying to decide between a few different Music or Dance Schools to enroll at? We give six great reasons why you should choose us for your next music or dance lesson.

Welcome to Music and Dance Academy of Florida

Mission Statement:
To provide students of all levels and ages with an enjoyable musical and dance experience while also cultivating long lasting skills that may be applied to music, dance, the arts and other endeavors for a lifetime.

We Specialize In:
Music Lessons in Volusia County, FL. We offer Private Lessons and small Group Classes to students of all ages and all levels. Private Lessons are offered on all popular instruments including voice.

Dance Lessons in Volusia County, FL. We offer small group Childrens Dance Lessons in Ballet, Tap, Hip Hop and Jazz, as well as Adult Dance Lessons in Ballet, Hip Hop, Ballroom/Swing and Latin.


Special Offers:

 Sibling/Family Member Lesson and Registration Discounts Available!

We offer families a sibling discount on registration and most of our lessons. Call us for more details.


New Programs in the Works!!!

Theater!  Recording Studio! Computer Music Class! Keyboard Class! Girl Scout Badges! and Lessons for Home Schoolers!

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Benefits of Studying Music:
Scientific research has documented many of the benefits of studying music. This research indicates that music study helps develop critical thinking and self-discipline...

Vital Skills Your Child Learns by Studying Music:
Being able to go from learning notes and rhythms to producing meaningful music instills in your child a sense of accomplishment and self-confidence...

Music Theory and Music History:
Studies show that students who participate in a weekly group music theory and history class tend to progress faster and continue their music studies longer...

Brass & Woodwind Quintet Camps

Brass and Woodwind Quintet Camps The Music & Dance Academy of Florida Brass & Woodwind Quintet Camp will be held at the newly built academy in beautiful Ormond Beach, Florida. Students will gain experience in a week long workshop that will focus on fundamentals, improving technique, tone, breathing, phrasing, and musicianship. Students will also develop independent and group performance confidence...

Summer Group Music Camps

Summer Group Music Camps Summer Group Music Camp classes include: Music Time for Munchkins, Pre-K Music Club, Keyboard Jr., Singing with Strings, World Beat with Drums, and Classy Keyboards for adults...

Birthday Party in Dance or Music

Birthday Parties Celebrate your birthday with us! Choose your style of dance from princess fairy party, ballet party, hip hop party or break dance party. Our music parties are a fun, noisy exploration of rhythm, instruments and singing. We do parties for ages 3 through teens. Our instructors lead a fun 1 hour of dance or music followed by presents, and cake! We supply the fun and you supply the cake and presents.

Music Computer Technology Lab

Music Computer Technology Coming soon... check back for more details!
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